Sault Would Vote Conservative If Election Were Held Today

The next Federal election is still two years away, but if there was an election today , Sault Ste. Marie would vote Conservative. That according to 338 Canada, a national independently owned media website about politics, polling and electoral projections. It was created and is still managed by P.J.Fournier

According to recent polling, 338 Canada predicts a Conservative win for the Sault Ste. Marie riding. Keep in mind, the Sault riding does not have a candidate announced yet for the 2025 Federal election.

These numbers are merely projections at this point.

This projection is calculated using a mostly-proportional swing model adjusted with provincial and regional polls conducted by professional pollsters. This is not a poll, but a projection based on polls. The 338Canada model also takes into account electoral history and other data, according to the website.

There’s almost no chance of a federal election being called prior to the planned October 2025 election. The Liberals and the NDP formed a coalition to stay in power for the entire term. However, the Election appears to be in full gear with Conservative leader, Pierre Poilievre making campaign-style tours across Canada. The Conservatives have also launched election -type advertising.

338 Canada predicts a 98% chance of a Conservative candidate taking the Sault riding now served by Liberal Terry Sheehan. A seat Sheehan has held since 2015. In 2015, Liberals had a 44.8% of the vote. That fell to 37.8% in the last Federal election in 2021.

338 Canada predicts the outcome (if an election was held today) Conservatives 44 % plus 8 points. Liberals at 32% down 7 points and the NDP at 19% down 6 points. The PPC party at just 3%.

The Sault Ste. Marie Provincial riding is currently held by Conservative Ross Romano.


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3 thoughts on “Sault Would Vote Conservative If Election Were Held Today

  1. Pollievre isnt gonna be any better.

    I think I’m going to, for the first time in my voting life, decline my ballot at the next federal election unless there’s a significant change in federal politics between now and then.

  2. At this point if you vote liberal that means you support higher taxes, groceries and more corruption. Time to take our country back.

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