Sault Resident wins $250K with Instant Living Lucky with Luke Combs

Toronto, ON Randolph Dunlop of Sault Ste. Marie won a $250,000 top prize with INSTANT LIVING LUCKY WITH LUKE COMBS (Game #2389).

Randolph, 72, said he’s been playing the lottery since 1990. He enjoys playing DAILY GRAND LOTTARIO, LOTTO MAX, and INSTANT tickets.

“I always try new tickets when they come out,” he shared, while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up his windfall. “I won on my lucky number, 23!”

The retiree went to the grocery store and purchased his usual tickets.

“I’m a country fan, so I was intrigued when I saw the new Luke Combs ticket,” he said. “I bought one and won $10 on it, so I decided to get another one. That one ended up being a $250,000 win!”

In disbelief, Randolph checked his ticket at the store.

“I asked the clerk to scan it and the bells went off! I was excited to come to the Prize Centre today.”

Randolph considered his future carefully and decided to retire.

“I look forward to enjoying some time to myself,” he said. “I plan to relax, take it easy, and celebrate my win. This has been a wonderful experience and I feel unbelievably lucky.”

OLG supports safe play and wants to keep the fun in the game. That’s why OLG is proud to be a leader in promoting responsible gambling with our globally recognized PlaySmart program.

INSTANT LIVING LUCKY WITH LUKE COMBS is available for $10 a play and the top prize is $250,000. Odds of winning any prize are 1 in 3.60.


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