Sault Police Implement Sensory Kits in Cruisers

In partnership with the Algoma Autism Foundation, Sault Police now have sensory kits in their cruisers to meet the needs of individuals with autism or other sensory-processing disorders during emergencies.

“The loud sirens and bright, flashing lights of emergency vehicles, in addition to heightened emotions in a crisis, can be overstimulating to people with autism or sensory-processing disorders. The sensory kits being added to these vehicles include items that can be calming, reduce intense stimuli, and aid communication for those who are non-verbal,” says Jamie Boston, co-founder of the Algoma Autism Foundation.

Items in the sensory kits include tinted glasses, earmuffs, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) laminates, knitted toques in several different sizes, a soft blanket, markers, paper, and a variety of sensory/fidget toys.

“Sault Police are extremely grateful to the Algoma Autism Foundation for supplying these kits for our cruisers,” says Derek Dewar, Inspector of Patrol Services, “We know they will be useful in a variety of calls and will help our members better serve our community.”

The sensory kits are placed in the trunk or back storage area of cruisers and are readily accessible for officers at calls for service.

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