Rainbow bridge still closed after deadly crash

rainbow bridge

The Canadian-U.S. Rainbow Bridge border crossing remains closed for the second consecutive day after a vehicle explosion killed two people Wednesday morning. According to officials, the incident began shortly before 11:30 in the morning when a vehicle sped up the road leading to a border checkpoint. The vehicle then veered off the road, crossed a median and ended up in the air. Initially, the incident was considered a terrorism incident, but officials have since clarified that it is now being treated as a traffic accident.

The Rainbow Bridge fiery crash is believed to have killed a local New York couple who were on their way to a KISS concert in Canada on Wednesday night. According to police, the couple, whose identity has not yet been released, were traveling in a speeding Bentley when the vehicle crashed into the Rainbow Bridge crossing between the U.S. and Canada and caught fire.

Premier Doug Ford said that provincial law enforcement is “actively involved” in assessing the situation, and is working with federal officials as needed. The fatal incident occurred on the eve of Thanksgiving, which is a busy holiday in the United States. U.S. statistics show that about 6,000 vehicles use the Rainbow Bridge each day. However, that number increased to 11,933 last Thanksgiving, which was almost double the previous year.

The following bridges have reopened: The Peace Bridge, Lewiston- Queenston Bridge, Whirlpool Bridge


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