Queen Street reconstruction could receive funding of $2 million 

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The planned reconstruction of Queen Street is eligible for up to $2 million in funds from the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation (NOHFC).

On July 31, council directed city staff to explore all possible funding options for the $6 million project. The first phase, from Pim to Bruce Streets, is to begin in late May.

Council stipulated the total cost was not to exceed $6 million and if the quest for funding fell short or costs topped that figure, the project would be scaled back to fall within that cap.

After exploring federal and provincial funding possibilities, the City last fall applied for funding under the NOHFC’s Community Enhancement Program. 

Should staff be successful in their funding request to NOHFC the project is eligible for up to $2 million.

The reconstruction plan calls for a resurfaced Queen to continue with two westbound lanes. The street’s width will be reduced to 3.3 metres from the current 3.5, with new curbs and patio areas, upgraded accessibility and new street lighting.

Queen Street was last resurfaced in 1979.

Monday night, council is expected to formally approve the application to NOHFC for the ‘Downtown Business District Revitalization Project’ and confirm to the NOHFC the City’s contribution of $6 million from its 2024 capital roads budget.

The confirmation gives the NOHFC assurance of the City’s financial commitment to the project and that the City will cover any associated cost overruns.

It’s anticipated the NOHFC funding will enable the project to proceed with the current portion of Queen Street under design and keep the City’s contribution to the project at $6 million.

2 thoughts on “Queen Street reconstruction could receive funding of $2 million 

  1. All of the ongoing wrong priorities from the ivory tower and it’s incompetent decision makers will only make the shrinking boring village shrink and die faster than ever. If you want to squander lots of money, fix the shot roads.

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