PUC Wins Provincial Award for Innovation Excellence

PUC is proud to announce that it was selected as the winner of the prestigious Innovation Excellence Award at this year’s Electricity Distributors Association (EDA)’s Awards Ceremony in Toronto.

The EDA Awards recognize outstanding achievements and innovations within the energy and utility sector, highlighting organizations that demonstrate exceptional performance, leadership, and commitment to advancing industry standards.

PUC’s commitment to innovation and excellence has been exemplified by its groundbreaking Sault Smart Grid (SSG) project, aimed at enhancing efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction in the utility industry. The company’s innovative approach to tackling challenges and embracing emerging technologies has set new benchmarks for excellence in the sector.

“We are thrilled and honoured to receive the Innovation Award from the Electricity Distributors Association,” said Robert Brewer, CEO and President at PUC. “This recognition is a testament to all of our employee’s hard work and relentless pursuit of innovation and dedication to delivering exceptional services to our customers while driving positive change in the industry.”

The Sault Smart Grid is the first community-wide smart grid system in Canada. SSG has already seen positive results achieving energy savings of 2.7%, increased customer communications regarding outages, and increased reliability for customers. Additionally, the implementation of SSG is leading to an annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 2,804 tonnes of carbon dioxide. This reduction is a significant step towards addressing environmental concerns and contributing to sustainability goals.

The Innovation Award from the EDA reaffirms PUC’s position as a leader in the energy and utility sector and underscores its commitment to shaping the future of utilities through innovation and excellence.

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  1. They should all be wearing masks and guns in any photos as well as on the job. The way they gouge customers with their beyond ridiculous rates and various bogus added charges is despicable and criminal. They are innovative at making everyone broke.

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