Poilievre visits Sault, touts Axe The Tax plan

Pierre Poilievre made a brief stop in Sault Ste. Marie Sunday. He met the media on Bruce St., a mere stone’s throw from a recently added billboard highlighting his party’s intention to cut the carbon tax. He hammered at the federal government’s plan raise the carbon tax.

Mental health and addictions, inflation and affordable housing and were among a list of issues Poilievre addressed Sunday morning before a gathering of media and about 25 supporters. But the carbon tax –
introduced in 2019 by the Trudeau government – was at the top.

“Trudeau believes that heating your homes in Canada is a luxury.” Poilievre told the gathering. “While he jets off for a free vacation at a $9,000-a-night resort gifted to him by billionaire friends. This high carbon, high tax hypocrite makes little old ladies in the Sault pay more to heat their homes.

Seniors, choosing between heating and eating because after years of Trudeau, we have the worst food inflation in 40 years.”

It was Poilievre’s third visit to the Sault and second in six months. He brought his Common Sense Plan to The Machine Shop in July.

The PC leader took aim at what he termed the PM’s ‘Catch and Release’ policies, under Bill C-75.
“We will bring in jail, not bail,” said Poilievre, “for repeat violent offenders, so people in these communities can be safe again. We’re going to give out treatment and recovery, not legalized and subsidized heroin to the people who suffer with addicts. We’re going to sue the pharmaceutical companies that caused the crisis to pay for it.”

Poilievre’s surprise stop in Sault Ste. Marie was the fifth and final of a whirlwind tour of Northern Ontario that began Friday in Thunder Bay. The PC leader went on to Timmins, North Bay and Sudbury on Saturday before visiting the Sault.

Following the Bruce Street session, Poilievre spoke at a PC party brunch at The Water Tower Inn and in the afternoon spoke at the Algoma Rod and Gun Club talked with workers at JD Aero Technical.

The PC leader and his party are riding high in the polls. Projections from 338Canada have the Progressive Conservative Party with 40 per cent of the popular vote and the Liberal Party of Canada at 26 per cent. The NewDemocratic Party is at 19 per cent.

The numbers indicate Canadians would elect a PC majority government if the election were held today. The next federal election will be no later than Oct. 20, 2025.

“By the way, we’re going to go after real gun criminals while repealing Justin Trudeau’s attack on our lawful hunters and sports shooters,” Poilievre told the crowd. “It’s common sense. Make no mistake, if Trudeau is re-elected, he’ll ban your hunting rifle. He has said so, he tried to do it. The only reason he backed off is because of pressure we put on. If he gets a chance, you will lose your hunting rifle, and that is not going to do anything to fight crime.”

Dan Heffernan, President of the Algoma Manitoulin Kapuskasing Conservative Association.

Dan Heffernan, President of Algoma-Manitoulin-Kapuskasing Conservative Association, said Sunday’s visit allows the public better to get acquainted with Poilievre and hear this Common Sense plan.

“Just getting Pierre out there for people to know him and who he is and get the message out,” said Heffernan. “Justin Trudeau is not worth it. They’re taking about raising the tax on everything and Pierre wants to reduce it, axe the tax.”

Conservative Party member Michael Gassi has submitted his application and hopes to represent the PC Party in Sault Ste. Marie in the next election. He’s impressed with Poilievre’s plans, adding there’s an urgent
need for the federal government to change course.

“I can’t thank him enough for what he’s doing for Canadians,” said Gassi, “and standing up for the rights of average Canadians. “(He’s) standing against the tyranny of the Trudeau government,” Gassi
continued. “Everything he speaks about, involving axe the tax, abolishing Bill C-75, Bill C-18 Freedom of Speech…what he spoke about just now about removing the influence of the World Economic Forum and their negative impact on Canadians, is (all) crucial. Another four years of Justin Trudeau will just spell the end to Canada as a free nation.”

Gassi says he’s never been into politics before but says the country needs an urgent change of course.
“I’m doing it for my grandchildren and their children. This isn’t for me. We all need to stand up and fight. Silence is consent so it’s time for Canadians to speak up.”


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