Petition Calling for Increase in Developmental Services Funding

Community Living Algoma Asking Community to Sign #5ToSurvive Petition Calling for Increase in Developmental Services Funding Algoma: For 70 years, Community Living Algoma has promoted community-mindedness and citizenship for people with developmental disabilities. It is now asking the greater community, of Algoma, to step forward and sign the 5 to Survive petition to increase developmental disability funding so that people supported can keep up with the accelerating cost of living and remain active within their communities.

“Our Mission Statement clearly states that our role and passion is in supporting people to live inclusive lives, however, inflation and rising costs are surpassing the funding they receive to pay the most basic of bills and I’m referring to heat, lights and food.” says John Policicchio, Executive Director, Community Living Algoma. “We see the need and we are calling on the government to provide an immediate 5% increase to developmental services agency core funding in addition to a corresponding 5% increase in Passport Funding and Special Services at Home (SSAH).”

Passport funding pays for community participation services and supports, activities of daily living and person-directed planning. It also provides funding for a caregiver respite services and supports for primary caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability.

This call upon the government is shared by all Community Living organizations across the province representing over 100,000 people supported. “This funding is essential, otherwise, it forces the organization to consider our ability to provide the current level of support to people and to retain all of our existing employees,” says Policicchio. “We don’t want to see anyone’s lives put at risk.”

Currently, CLA provides support to over 900 people across Algoma and employs 344 employees.

“Whether you have a loved one who depends on this funding, or perhaps it is your neighbour or even a stranger, pleaese use your voice alongside ours and all of the other Community Living agencies and the people they support.”

Policicchio says there are a number of ways that people can support the petition. “Word of mouth is a great way to get the conversation started, however, we need those signatures to show the support so we ask you to write to your MPP plus use the #5toSurvive in all social media.”

Visit Community Living Ontario’s website – and complete the form to learn more about the campaign.

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