Pee Wee Celebrates 50th Midway

For the last 50 years there has been a constant in Sault Ste. Marie and that’s the Victoria week carnival at the Pee Wee arena. Since 1974, Campbell Amusements has provided the fun and games for thousands of people each Victoria Day weekend. Danny Campbell, son of the original owners took the torch of the operation about 20 years ago.

“I was about 4 years old when Campbell Amusements first came to the Sault in 1973, then for the Pee Wee fall fair. ” Campbell told as he was busy setting up the grounds for the carnival last week. After the success of the Fall Fair, the PeeWee arranged to have the traveling carnival back for the Victoria Day weekend in 1974 and it has now become the unofficial kick off to the Summer season in the Sault.

With a crew of about 100 employees, some that are hired locally – head out on a 6 month trip each year moving from cities and towns in Ontario, Quebec and the East Coast.

Campbell Amusements actually started in 1967 in Brampton Ontario and has made a name for itself in the carnival entertainment business for hundreds of thousands of people ever since. Chances are , if you live in Ontario you’ve been to a Campbell Amusement Midway at least once in your life.

The PeeWee midway continues until midnight Saturday, May 25th. met up with Danny Campbell last week to find out about the carnival business and th changes that have taken place over the last 5 decades. Watch the video for more!

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