Open Mic With Mayor Matthew Shoemaker

Mayor Matthew Shoemaker joins Heidi Ivany on a new series, OPEN MIC. Shoemaker talks abut his first year as Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie and the challenges the city faces in 2024.

2 thoughts on “Open Mic With Mayor Matthew Shoemaker

  1. A new green mayor with all the wrong priorities that spends taxpayer money like a drunken sailor, just like Trudeau, useless, unwanted and should resign.
    He is directly responsible for the colossal waste of tens of millions being squandered on the dead downtown. The downtown that died long ago after anything that mattered moved on top of the hill and spread out northwards. No amount of fussing over it now will change anything.

  2. Mayor is fixated on having safe injection sites in our city for illegal drug use, when our hospital is already short staffed! Bad enough that taxpayers are already spending millions on rehabilitation centres. If people don’t want to get rehabbed, they can go the way of the Dodo bird

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