Ontario minimum wage just went up

Waitress server using apron pocket to store keep cash money tips

More than 900,000 minimum wage workers in Ontario received a pay increase today. The minimum wage in Ontario, which is the lowest wage an employer is allowed to pay an employee per hour, was raised from 15.50 to 16.55, an increase of 6.8%. Nearly all workers are eligible for the minimum wage. This applies to full-time and part-time employees, as well as those who are paid hourly, piece rate, flat rate, commission, or salary.

The increase in the student minimum wage applies to those working 28 hours per week or less during school holidays or summer vacations. The student minimum wage will increase by $1 per hour, from 14.60 to 15.60. The minimum wage increase for homeworkers will be $1 per hour from 17.05 to 18.20.

Minimum wage rates for hunting, fishing and wilderness guides will increase by $0.60 per hour for less than five hours in a day and $0.85 per hour for five hours or more in a day.

The province will announce the new rates on April 1, 2024, if new rates come into effect on October 1, 2024.


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