Nurses strike in Sault Michigan

Nurses strike

CHIPPEWA COUNTY, Mich., — Nurses in Sault Michigan are now on strike following negotiations between the Michigan Nurse’s Association and MyMichigan Health that ended in a deadlock.

Approximately 120 nurses work at MyMichigan Health, and their strike action outside the hospital could continue for five days should an agreement fail to be reached.

The nurses’ association has stated that it has filed federal unfair labor practice charges against MyMichigan Medical Center. The association has accused the hospital of bargaining in bad faith, illegal surveillance during an informal picket in March as well as retaliation against the union president.

The nurse’s strike action is intended to demand what the union indicates is regionally appropriate pay and benefits.

In comparison to various wages earned by nurses at other hospitals across Northern Michigan, nurses in Sault Ste. Marie make nearly $10 less, data has shown.

In this moment, another bargaining session is scheduled for April 18. The MNA has offered to continue negotiations every day while the strike is ongoing.

The president of MyMichigan Medical Center Sault, has responded, however, saying the hospital has offered a fair wage increase.

“We remain committed to reaching a contract that’s fair for our nurses and doesn’t take away from the resources needed to care for our patients.”

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