New forum to discuss challenges in the Canadian legal cannabis industry


The Government of Canada legalized recreational cannabis and strictly regulates the cannabis industry, which has led to many economic opportunities and challenges.

An efficient and sustainable legal cannabis industry is essential to achieving the objectives of the Cannabis Act, including preventing youth access to cannabis, protecting public health and safety, and reducing criminal activity and the burden on the criminal justice system.

“For Canada to be a leader in this global economy, we require the ability to adapt to new industries and sectors that benefit Canadians. The Cannabis Industry Forum helps create innovative solutions to barriers that exist in this industry. Through active collaboration, Canada is working with industry leaders to become an innovator and leader in this changing economy.” said, François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry

To help this new industry address key issues and opportunities, the Government of Canada has created the Cannabis Industry Forum (the Forum). The Forum is composed of nine leaders who have business activities across the cannabis industrial ecosystem, which includes the cultivation and processing of cannabis as well as logistics surrounding its sale. This platform will help industry leaders exchange information and insights to address key issues and opportunities, with a specific focus on fostering economic growth and long-term stability by upholding the public health and safety goals outlined in the Cannabis Act, while reducing the illicit cannabis market.

Hugo Alves, CEO, Founder and Director of Auxly Cannabis Group Inc., chairs the Forum. The membership also includes:

  • Philippe Dépault, President and Founder, Québec Craft Cannabis Inc.
  • Taylor Giovannini, President and Founder, Oceanic Releaf Inc.
  • Beena Goldenberg, CEO, Organigram Holdings Inc.
  • Raj Grover, Founder, President and CEO, High Tide Inc.
  • David Klein, CEO, Canopy Growth Corporation
  • Miguel Martin, CEO, Aurora Cannabis Inc.
  • Rosy Mondin, President of Soma Labs Scientific Inc. and Director of Cannaworld Ventures Inc.
  • Tyler Robson, President of Cannabis, SNDL Inc.
  • On November 24, 2022, the Government of Canada announced the members of the expert panel on the legislative review of the Cannabis Act. 
  • The Cannabis Act, which came into force on October 17, 2018, put in place a modern cannabis control framework to strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis in Canada.
  • Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in October 2018, the cannabis industry has helped displace the illicit market by up to 70%.
  • Since spring 2023, the Forum has had preliminary meetings to discuss a range of topics. The members also engaged with Morris Rosenberg, Chair of the expert panel leading the legislative review of the Cannabis Act.

2 thoughts on “New forum to discuss challenges in the Canadian legal cannabis industry

  1. Another massive Fiberal misjudgement in legalizing and overpricing this brain cell burning, lung destroying crap, just like booze, no one needs it yet people are going broke over it after they get addicted. The government is quite pleased about destroying people’s lives as long as the money keeps flowing.
    How about concentrating on affordable food, medical care, gasoline and housing, you know, the vital, important stuff?

    1. I have been smoking weed for well over 20 years and I am not broke. You have no idea what you are talking about…Yes they should concentrated on affordable food and housing I completely agree. Smoking weed doesn’t make you an addict…

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