New federal health funding top priority at premiers meeting

Health care costs

Provincial and territorial premiers will begin a three-day summit in Winnipeg today, with the disarray in Canada’s health-care systems at the forefront.

They’re meeting to discuss how to spend the $46 billion in new health funds announced by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in February in exchange for provinces and territories agreeing to specified reforms.

Except for Quebec, all have accepted the cash offer, but none have provided plans for how they will use the new funds to improve Canada’s ailing but cherished public-health care programs.

Dr. Kathleen Ross, president-elect of the Canadian Medical Association told Canadian Press “health care must remain at the top of the premier’s priority during the three-day meeting.

She claims that little has changed in the last few months in terms of understaffed hospitals, closed emergency rooms, and huge backlogs.”

During their meetings, the premiers will also debate economic difficulties and affordability, as Trudeau travels to Eastern Europe to discuss defense issues.

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  1. When a local nurse wants to get into medical school to practice and stay in the north and school says no there’s an issue!! When it’s easier for local kids to go to a foreign country to become a doctor there’s a problem! Our school system and government all need a revamp!

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