My thoughts on if the school week should be shorter

Attentive pupils at classroom

I believe that having a four-day school week would be beneficial for many students- even better than the traditional and sometimes very agonizingly long five-day weeks! Why do I think this?

Well, the first reason why I think that four-day school weeks are better is due to the reason that it saves a lot of money since having one extra day when people are not present inside the building saves money on heating and cooling the school, gas for the buses, and other necessary school maintenance. If this action actually occurs in a school, the School Board and the schools themselves will have a little more money on them and they can use that money to improve the interior or exterior of the school, gym equipment, as well as extracurriculars and other opportunities for students which could enhance the learning experience.

Another reason why I think that the school week should be a singular day shorter is because the students can catch up on sleep since according to the statistics that I found in the article that I read 60% of middle
school students and 70% of high school attendees don’t get enough sleep at night. So, even though the school days would end up being 45 minutes longer, all the students would get an extra day off to catch up on some much-needed sleep, more time to spend with family or hang out with friends, and of course time to recharge for the upcoming week. Personally, I think that.

I would benefit from having this extra day off to prioritize my mental health and spend time with my family which includes of course spending quality time with my dog. Plus, 85% of students reportedly really liked the four-day school schedule according to the article I read in class so that just backs up my point that other students like the extra day off as well. However, I can understand why five-day weeks can be more productive since that way, students are spending more time in class as well as learning more in front of a teacher which is very important but the four-day weeks are more convenient for rural students because one extra day off for people living in rural areas means one day less off the road so that saves on gas money for them since most students living in rural areas have to travel long distances to get to school.

So, overall, in conclusion, I think that I would prefer the four-day weeks over the traditional five-
day weeks because I could get an extra day to unwind and spend more time with my family.

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