Morning Express – Wednesday, March 20

Photo by April Jokelainen

More Winter than Spring for the rest of this week. For today, mainly cloudy with a risk of some flurries. Remaining much colder than it should be. We might see some sun on Thursday as temperatures still on the chilly side. A slight warm up for Friday but still below seasonal. Another chance of some accumulation Friday of about 5 to 10cm. The Spring temperatures try to build back in by next week.

1854 Republican Party formally organized in Ripon, Wisconsin

1952 24th Academy Awards: “An American in Paris”, Humphrey Bogart and Vivien Leigh win

The highest denomination bill ever printed in the United States was $100,000. Who was on the bill?
Answer: President Woodrow Wilson

In 1917, Finland declared its independence from which country?
Answer: Russia

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