Morning Express – Wednesday, January 10

Starting off today with some additional snow showers but they should come to an end. Mainly cloudy for most of the day with some cold winds. We pick up additional flurries, likely some lake effect snow Thursday and remaining cold. As we move into the weekend, another major snow storm is brewing and forecast to hit us with another 20cm by Sunday.

1776 “Common Sense” Pamphlet by Thomas Paine published, advocating American independence

1946 UN General Assembly meets for the first time in London

1999 “The Sopranos”, starring James Gandolfini as mobster Tony Soprano, debuts on HBO

Walt Disney has won the most Academy Awards. – The House of Mouse has won 26 Oscars and was nominated 59 times.

Ketchup used to be sold as medicine. – Back in 1834, people with indigestion were given a prescription for the condiment.

An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain. – Their little brains are genuinely smaller than one of their eyeballs.


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