Morning Express – Thursday, May 16

Photo by April Jokelianen

We start to introduce some muggy weather starting today as a warm front pushes through later today. Starting off with a good mix of sun and increasing clouds for the morning. A few showers can be expected to develop this afternoon, but scattered in nature. Temperatures should hit 19c but with humidity, it will feel a little warmer or muggy. Temperatures don’t dip a lot overnight . A few more scattered showers for tonight and into Friday.

1944 1st of 180,000+ Hungarian Jews reach Auschwitz

1989 Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev and Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping meet in Beijing and formally end a 30-year rift

2013 Human stem cells are successfully cloned

In Olympic archery, what is the distance between the target from the archer?
Answer: 70 Meters

Who patented the concept of a flat engine in 1896?
Answer: Karl Benz

What bird can remember bad memories for up to 5 years?
Answer: Kiwis


Have a wonderful Thursday!

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