Morning Express – Thursday, January 11

We’re cloudy and calm today and a little bit chilly, but there’s another big storm heading our way for late Friday into Saturday and this one comes with an arctic punch! Temperatures will nose dive Friday night into Saturday leaving us with a daytime high of -11c for Saturday and it doesn’t get any warmer for the up coming week. Along with the next storm system (possible 10 to 20cm) comes the added threat of lake effect snow showers starting this weekend and continuing for the up coming week!

1969 “Hooked on a Feeling” by BJ Thomas peaks at #5

1974 ABC airs final episode of “Love, American Style”

1995 5th TV network (WB) Warner Brothers begins (WPIX-TV in NYC)

The Eiffel Tower was supposed to be in Barcelona.

Dolphins give each other names. – A unique whistle is used to distinguish members in their pod.

A blue whale’s tongue can weigh as much as a young elephant.


Have a terrific Thursday! Stay Warm!

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