Meet Mack-A-Tron

A fresh face has arrived in the area. Standing at 30 feet tall, primarily composed of metal, and exuding an aura of strength and quietness, this is Mack-A-Tron. This colossal robot sculpture, crafted over the past week in the Mackinaw Crossings shopping area, has quickly become the latest attraction in Northern Michigan, drawing crowds eager to snap photos.

The masterminds behind this spectacle are Joe and Enzo Lieghio, the duo who own Mackinaw Crossings. Joe Lieghio mentioned that the idea for Mack-A-Tron was conceived last year. It’s set to become a fixture in the Crossings courtyard, a Victorian-themed hub featuring a variety of shops, activities, eateries, and a cinema, conveniently located near the city’s main thoroughfares.

Mack-A-Tron is constructed from over 1,000 automotive components, ranging from vehicles to trucks, motorcycles, and even semi-tractor trailers, totaling 15,000 pounds. The robot was completed just last week, and with the crane and construction crew now gone, it’s open for visitors to admire the artwork or capture their own photos.

Besides a wide selection of stores at various price ranges, guests at Mackinaw Crossings can watch a film at the 5-plex theater, take part in a laser light display every evening, listen to live music, or find a place to dine.


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