Many Fall For Costco Prank

A Facebook post this morning has got a lot of people excited, then disappointed. A video posted by Eythan Henson shows the signage at the Station Mall showing a Costco sign.

The video looks real and many have shared the video – however, FirstLocalNews can confirm that it is just an April Fool’s prank.

Costco has a store in Sudbury, Ontario and for years Sault Ste. Marie shoppers have been wanting the giant retailer to set up shop in Sault, Ontario. As of today, Costco does not have any indication on their website for a Sault Ste. Marie Ontario location nor does the Station Mall.

Station Mall announced last Summer that it is undergoing a $60 million retrofit of the shopping centre – however no other details have been released on that make-over or planned condominiums at the waterfront mall.

The sign as it actually appears – taken April 1, 2024

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