Local Business “Has Had Enough”

moores general store

A local businessman that has had to deal with numerous break-ins and thefts is shutting down.

Moore’s General Store located on North Street took to Facebook to announce that he is shutting down the store at the end of the year.

moores general store

The store will remain open for the holiday season, but it is scheduled to close December 31, 2023.

Richard Moore opened the store in June 2022. Since then the business has been hit numerous times by theft and break and enters that have left him broke.

“With the lack of community support, vandalism, extreme theft, lack of city policing and no help from city hall (our mayor and ward councillors wont even reply to email) there is no sense to continue to drown in debt for something I can’t control. The store got hit once again this morning, same guy 3 times this week.” Moore wrote in his Facebook post.

Moore talked to FirstLocalNews earlier this year about the problem. “I haven’t made a penny,” says Moore. “Now things are going on my credit card. What do the police say? ‘Well that’s just the cost of doing business in the city, now. There’s nothing we can do for you.”

Despite installing expensive high-end security cameras, the theft and vandalism has continued for the business owner. “I simply work too hard and worry about my health. Nobody cares to help with a resolution, I think its time to retire.” Moore wrote.

The store & building is listed for sale and Moore says he has several auctions planned in the near future to sell off assets he no longer needs.

“I’ve never been a angry hateful person but society has sucked the kindness out of me. Sad I’ll end up bankrupt because of the Liberal-NDP coalition. I’ve never seen so many spineless people in my life.”


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4 thoughts on “Local Business “Has Had Enough”

  1. How sad that one would just about have to live on the property to thwart thieves. The punishments do not fit the crimes. It is time for judges to get tough.

    1. It’s time for judges to get tough and for Trudope’s catch and release BS to be a thing of the past and get rid of that crap.
      Only thing that should be catch and release is fishing.

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