Local 2251 Notice Representation Order

Local 2251 is seeking a Representafion Order from the Superior Court regarding the people that we are representing in the legal actions that Local 2251 is pursuing against the Group Health Centre.

If granted, the Representation Order will allow all affected people to be treated like parties in this legal action.

For purposes of the representation, we will be asking the Court to designate three
classes of plaintiffs.

  • The first being the original brickers (and/or their surviving spouse) that have
    contributed $135 to the building of the Group Health and have been de-
    rostered by the Group Health and do not have a doctor.
  • The second class will be steelworker members(and/or their surviving
    spouse) that became enrolled in the Group Health but did not pay $135 up
    to 1980 – and have been de-rostered by the Group Health, and do not have
    a doctor.
  • The third class is Steelworkers (and/or their surviving spouse) that were
    enrolled after 1980 that were also de-rostered and do not have a doctor.
    The court may decide in favour of one class of plainfiff, in favour of two classes, in
    favour of three classes, or none.
  • it is important that you identify yourself by contacting the Union Hall
  • at 705-942-3900 or [email protected]

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