Incident at Coke Ovens at Algoma Steel

Algoma Steel has responded to an incident at the Steel plant Saturday. In the early hours of Saturday, January 20, 2024 there was a collapse of a structure supporting utilities piping at our coke-making plant. There have been no injuries and the Algoma team is managing the occurrence with the safety of our employees and the community as our highest priority.  

The incident resulted in a coke oven gas main failure generating abnormal coke oven gas flaring and air emissions.  Additionally, a quantity of effluent left our site early this morning and entered the adjacent waterway. The source of the discharge has been identified and containment efforts are underway.

Algoma has notified community and regulatory stakeholders and is working to mitigate and monitor any possible impacts to the environment, our community and ongoing operations.

While coke production is currently interrupted, all other departments are operating normally. Algoma advises that it has adequate coke supply on hand, and it does not anticipate an impact on customer shipments at this time.

Algoma is performing a comprehensive assessment of the damage and is focused on managing the occurrence in the safest possible manner, ensuring the seamless continuation of operations and safeguarding public safety and minimizing any environmental impact.


5 thoughts on “Incident at Coke Ovens at Algoma Steel

    1. Heads need to roll if anything is ever going to change. They have been ignoring this and other serious issues for far too long by putting the almighty dollar above everything else, especially safety, the number one priority. The second priority is to stop poisoning the city by pumping out copious amounts of illegal (but tolerated) particulates and deadly toxins, 24/7/365.

  1. It’s time for a million dollar fine, minimum, what else will get this messed up outfit in compliance to operate safely for the foreseeable future?

  2. The ongoing disease causing pollution being pumped out in sickening amounts is one thing, but this is just ridiculous, someone dropped the ball here, again.

  3. seems these major spills are becoming an annual event at the steel plant.

    perhaps the MOE needs to increase the fines to a point that forces Algoma to take actually take meaningful action to avoid this type of incident because they don’t seem to take protecting the community and our natural resources seriously enough.

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