How To Keep These Nasty Things Out of Your House

If you aren’t the type to mow your yard, you may be allowing a lot more than weeds to take over your lawn.

As the temperature rises in the summer, many homeowners find themselves dealing with an abundance of earwigs invading their gardens, backyards and homes. 

Primarily nocturnal, earwigs like to hide out in small moist crevices during the day, and are most active at night, feeding on other insects and plants. 

They are attracted to lights and can become a nuisance on porches and patios, causing damage to plants in gardens and flower beds. 

Earwigs also prefer cool, damp areas and being excellent climbers, may enter your home during extended dry periods or heat waves. 

Eliminating any potential hiding spots and entry points is key to controlling earwigs. The goal is to create a low-moisture area around the house to discourage the earwigs. Some prevention tips offered by Orkin Canada include ,cleaning up yard clutter: move loose items such as stones, rocks, boards, rotting wood/logs or clutter away from your home’s foundation.  It’s also recommended to eliminate moist soil and keep overgrown vegetation away from your house’s foundation. Remove leaf litter, plant debris, excess or unnecessary mulch from around the house and trim back any trees, shrubs, and overhanging branches near your home. Fix leaky drains and pipes to avoid creating the earwig’s ideal environment of cool and moist locations.   

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