Highly caffeinated Energy drink ordered recalled by Federal Government


In Canada, a caffeinated energy drink marketed by American social media stars is being recalled.

According to Health Canada, Prime Energy has more than the allowed caffeine level of 180 mg per can and should not be sold in Canada.

Health Canada says it is aware that Prime Energy, which differs from the popular Prime Hydration drink, may be offered in some Canadian stores without clearance.

Caffeinated energy drinks are considered supplementary foods, according to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

According to an email from Health Canada, both departments are trying to resolve the situation.

Prime Hydration is the non-caffeinated variant of Prime Energy and is one of several energy beverages popular among teenagers.

Logan Paul and KSI, two social media stars, co-founded Prime and have been heavily chastised for pushing it online to millions of young fans.

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