High School Seniors in the U.P. can gain paid, hands on experience in Construction

UPCC student program

(WLUC) – High school seniors have a shot at a brighter future thanks to a .P. based construction council.

In this moment, the Upper Peninsula Construction Council is seeking students at least 17 years old to participate in paid construction connect U.P. training programs. UPCC Executive Director Mike Smith indicated that there will be one program in the summer and one next school year. The goal of this program is to provide student’s with hands-on experience. He went on to explain that there are a few requirements for students to qualify.

“You must be in a certified CTE program, and you must have a license or be in process and have transportation, and must live within 45 minutes of area in which you’re going to be working or the CTE facility, and you must pass the drug screening,” Smith said.

Structurally, the Construction Connects U.P. program runs two hours on Monday through Thursday for the entire school year. The summer camp students will work a four-hour shift Monday through Friday for six weeks.

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