Halloween Spirit Award Winners Announced!


The Hallowe’en Spirit Award Program promotes community involvement and recognizes the efforts of residents who decorate their homes and businesses in the spirit of the Hallowe’en season.

A number of homes were nominated for the Halloween Spirit Award, judging recently took place and the winners for each ward have been announced.

One of the award winners has become known over the years for their elaborate decorations and sound show. 128 Simpson featured in the video never disappoints.

There are two award categories – Residential and Business. In the Residential category, up to two winners per ward have been selected, and in the Business category, up to three winners will were selected community wide. Award plaques are presented to the winners.

2023 Nominated Properties

Ward 1
66 Texas Avenue
36 Joel Court
129 Murphy Street – Winner
155 Queensgate Blvd 
295 Chambers Avenue
25 Celene Court – Winner
161 Lake Street

Ward 2
169 Albert Street West – Winner
128 Simpson Street – Winner
28 Salisbury Avenue
1052 Queen Street East

Ward 3
1068 Black Road
87 Promenade Drive – Winner
278 Third Line East 
61 Superior Drive – Winner

Ward 4
143 Churchill Avenue – Winner
323 Rossmore Road
531 Bush Street – Winner
526 Bush Street
83 Knox Avenue
190 Birch Street
162 Bitonti Crescent
29 Pozzebon Crescent
543 Willson Street

Ward 5
1 St. Michaels Square – Winner
19 Avon Avenue – Winner

Business Category
Shaw Milling Ltd. – 211 Bruce Street – Winner
The Ontario Finnish Resthome Association – 725 North Street – Winner
Missanabie Cree First Nation – 559 Queen Street East – Winner

Honourable Mentions
18 East Braemar Bay


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