Graphic Video May Have Helped Police Make Arrest in John Street Death

A video that has been shared hundreds of times may have been used as evidence in arresting 25-year-old Steven Jones of Toronto for murder and attempted murder.

Jones has been charged with the fatal attack on 22-year-old Taylor Marshall. She was found deceased in her apartment on September 7th. Police have not released a motive for her death, though has been told by neighbours they believe the murder may have been a case of mistaken identity. It’s alleged Marshall was mistaken for another person who used to live at the apartment.

Following the death of the victim, it is believed the accused made their way to the boardwalk where they violently assaulted another victim, who was not known to them, with a knife. The accused was arrested nearby a short time later and charged with attempt murder.

In a press conference on Thursday, Sault Ste. Marie Police said, Through extensive investigation, which included members of the Crime Suppression Unit, Drug Enforcement Unit, Emergency Services Unit, Forensic Identification Unit, Investigation Services, and Patrol Services, it was determined the victim sustained significant stab wounds resulting in their death. Video and physical evidence lead investigators to tie the accused to the homicide.

The graphic video shows the stabbing on the boardwalk. It is unknown where the video originated but it has been shared multiple times on social media platforms. It was also shared to

The video is graphic. Viewer Discretion is STRONGLY ADVISED. If you do not like watching violence DO NOT VIEW THE VIDEO.

In the video, the camera zooms in to show an altercation in progress on the boardwalk. It is only then you can see the accused stabbing the innocent victim – in broad daylight , out in the open.

Cameras are common in today’s society, whether in the form of surveillance cameras or cell phones. In some instances people are not aware of what they’re shooting. In many cases video evidence helps Police narrow down their investigations. It is not recommended however to put yourself in danger if you are videoing a crime in progress. No criminal wants to be photographed doing a crime. It could place you or your loved ones in danger.

In this case, it is believed Police viewed the video and linked both stabbing attacks to the same person.

At this time it is believed both incidents are random acts of violence

The accused has been held in custody pending a bail hearing.


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  1. Time to bring back capitol punishment or put this so called human in jail for the remainder of his life better yet put him in general pop.

    1. Absolutely but the bleeding heart liberals and incompetent crown will do all they can to be lenient on this pos

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