Grant from MDHHS supports the Great Lakes Recovery Center in providing transportation

MDHHS grant supports Great Lakes Recovery Center Marquette

MARQUETTE COUNTY, Mich. – A $200,000 transportation grant from the Michigan Department of Health And Human Services (MDHHS) has supported the Great Lakes Recovery Center (GLRC) in being able to assist more people in accessing addiction and recovery services.

Through this funding the organization was able to purchase three Chevy Equinox’s and will use them to provide transportation for people in need.

GLRC’s Grant Administrator, Madison Crawford, stated that individuals requiring help in reaching medical, legal and work appointments will now be able to request a ride or alternate form of transportation help.

“It’s been gas cards, bus tickets, other methods of transportation, gas for the vehicles,” Crawford said. “Anything that we can really do to bolster the transportation efforts has what we’ve been providing.”

Crawford further explained that, particularly in rural settings such as can be found in the Upper Peninsula, traveling can present a major obstacle to people accessing the supports and help that they need.

“Even if you do have your own personal transportation, finding the time and finding the resources to get where you’re going is hard even if you have the means to do so,” Crawford said. “If you don’t have the means to do so it’s almost impossible.”

This grant is a portion of the nearly $3 million the state received in opioid settlement funds.

Chief Medical Executive Dr. Natasha Bagdasarian said the MDHHS is working to prevent drug addiction and death and that transportation is a component of prevention.

“There are people who benefit from services, and we got to meet people where they are, and offer them all of the things that could lead to treatment and recovery,” Dr. Bagdasarian said. “That includes giving rides so that they can get the services they so desperately want and need.”

The Great Lakes Recover Center encourages those who are struggling with addiction to reach out.

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