Giant Tiger customer data compromised in cyber incident.

giant tiger

According to a spokesperson for Giant Tiger Stores Ltd., contact information for some of its customers has been accessed in an “incident” connected to a third party vendor that the company uses.

The spokesperson for Giant Tiger, Alison Scarlett declined to name the vendor, but said the discount retailer, based in Ottawa, uses the company to manage their customer communications and engagements. Scarlett said no payment details or passwords were included in the data accessed. She added that the company’s systems and applications have not been affected. She said there is no evidence that the information was misused, but that the company is actively working to resolve the situation as quickly and transparently as possible.


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  1. Think twice before you sign up for this and that to save a couple of lousy bucks and put your name and info out there to be stolen and abused. It’s not worth the grief.

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