Gas Prices Shoot Up Well Before Carbon Tax Increase

A lot of drivers are already concerned about the next carbon tax increase and what that will do to their wallets when buying gas, but today in Sault Ste. Marie, gas prices have shot up much more than what the carbon tax will add to the bill.

Many stations increased their regular fuel by 12 cents a litre. Going from $1.46 a litre to $1.59. McDougall Energy owned stations went a little further by hiking prices to $1.61.9 / litre. Some Circle K stations as of the lunch hour Wednesday were holding at $1.49

By comparison the expected increase in the Federal government’s increase of the carbon tax will likely add as much as 3 cents per litre on April 1st. A move that many provinces have criticized the Trudeau for not pausing the carbon tax increase as planned. The carbon tax will make most things more expensive for Canadians including higher prices for home heating and food prices.

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