Gas prices across Ontario expected to climb

If you think the carbon tax added to your woes at the pump take a look at the latest jump in prices.

On Wednesday, local stations jacked their prices from $159.9 to $1.79.9 – a 20 cent hike . However some local stations in Sault Ste. Marie are still selling for $1.59.9 as of the lunch hour. It’s not sure if they will follow suit, but all indications say they will.

Gas prices in Ontario will hit an all-time high of $1.79 per litre in cities across the province on Thursday, the first increase in almost two years. Both Ontario and Quebec will see an increase of 14 cents per litre overnight Thursday.

This is the first time gas prices have been this high in Ontario since August 2, 2022. This week’s increase is mainly due to summer blended gasoline. The cheaper winter blend will only be available in the fall. With summer blended gas, the carbon tax increase, and the increasing price of oil, gas prices will stay elevated throughout the spring and summer.

4 thoughts on “Gas prices across Ontario expected to climb

  1. What a pitiful situation and all because of greed, corrupt crooked leaders like Trudeau are at the center of it all.
    They are always pretending like there is a shortage of fuel which there never has been or will be in our lifetime, then a ridiculous carbon tax instead of making the carbon producers cut back on pollution controls.
    We will be gouged to death until the cows come home, get used to it.
    There are only two things certain in this life, death and taxes.

  2. It is a crying shame what our leader has done to put the people of this great country near poverty levels with tax after tax after tax

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