Freedom Convoy Pat King To Stand Trial In Ottawa

pat king

One of the ringleaders from the 2021 Freedom Convoy will stand trial in Ottawa as planned.

Pat King, who originates from Sault Ste. Marie and the Goulais area was one of the main leaders in the Freedom Convoy that brought Ottawa to a stand still in the winter of 2021 has a request for a change of venue for the trial denied by Ontario judge, Justice Charles Hackland.

King lead the convoy from Alberta to Ottawa in January 2022.

King was among the original group of organizers who brought big rigs, other vehicles and huge crowds of protesters to Ottawa to demand an end to COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates and for some to seek the overthrow of the Liberal government.

King was released on bail in July 2022 after five months behind bars after his arrest in February 2022 during the protest. King’s lawyer argued that he was so notorious that it would not be possible for him to get a fair trial in the capital.

The judge disagreed. “any issues of bias can be dealt with during jury selection for King’s trial.”

The trial is scheduled to begin at the end of November.


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