Forced Entry With Knives and Baseball Bat

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On October 5, 2023, officers with Patrol Services charged 35-year-old Devon Floyd with break and enter, assault with a weapon, and several other offences.

Around 7:00 p.m. on September 27, 2023, 911 Communicators received a report of a break and enter in progress in the 0-100 block of La Chaumiere Place. Officers were dispatched to the residence.

Upon arrival, officers checked the victim’s home and found no one inside. Officers spoke with the victim and learned three people, one of whom is known to the victim, forcibly entered their home armed with knives and a baseball bat.

The victim fled the residence and phoned the police. The victim did not sustain any physical injuries during this incident. Suspects fled before police arrived. The victim identified the accused as one of the suspects. Two other suspects have already been charged in relation to this incident.

Investigation also revealed the accused had previously assaulted the victim on September 16, 2023. The accused had kicked and stomped on the victim, resulting in serious injuries requiring medical attention.

On October 5, 2023, police were informed that the accused was in the 400 block of Albert Street East. Officers were dispatched to the location and arrested the accused.

The accused is charged with:

  • Break and Enter – Intent to Commit Indictable Offence
  • Assault with Weapon
  • Assault Causing Bodily Harm
  • Possession of Weapon for Dangerous Purpose
  • Failure to Comply with Probation Order x4

The accused is being held in custody pending a bail hearing

One thought on “Forced Entry With Knives and Baseball Bat

  1. Why has this frequent flyer not been locked up long ago? We are losing faith in this broken system and afraid to walk the streets even in the daytime let alone at night.
    All the city seems to be concerned with is the $13,000,000,00 worth of concrete and old shipping containers downtown, and throwing more good taxpayer money after bad to ‘improve’ the downtown core, where the criminals and junkies continue to thrive.

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