ETFO to hold central strike votes at all-member meetings

Attentive pupils at classroom

Given the lack of sufficient progress being made at the central bargaining table, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) will hold in-person meetings to conduct central strike votes and address bargaining issues. These all-member meetings will be held across the province from mid-September to mid-October.

Bargaining has stalled at ETFO’s Education Worker Central Table. At its Teacher/Occasional Teacher Central Table, ETFO has repeatedly tried to get the government to talk about important issues like improved supports for students with special needs, violence in schools, compensation, fair and transparent hiring practices, workload and working conditions, and smaller class sizes. The government has refused to engage in any meaningful discussions about these education priorities.

“ETFO members have been without an agreement for almost a year. They have been patient, but their patience has run out. We need the Ford government to take bargaining seriously and to act in good faith, as required by law,” notes ETFO President Karen Brown. “ETFO’s goal is to reach fair and reasonable agreements without having to take job action. We need the government’s full attention on bargaining so we can address pressing concerns in public education.”

Holding a central strike vote is one part of the legal bargaining process established under Ontario labour laws. Details about ETFO collective bargaining and upcoming strike votes are available at

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