Entomica lets the bugs out

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Sault residents can check out some exotic bugs the next several weeks at Station Mall. The Sault Ste. Marie Museum in partnership with Entomica Insectarium have set up a pop-up shop in the mall, near the Sport Chek store.

The shop features a display of historical photos of the mall, notes on its history and cool retail artifacts including some very old catalogs. It’s all part of the Station Mall’s 50th anniversary celebration.

But those bugs!

Chris Meyers, Bug Wrangler at Entomica, will reach in to the terrarium and remove individual bugs and beetles allowing visitors to see – or hold – the quietly sociable specimens. Yes, you read it right, sociable! Meyers says while Entomica has some aggressive insects and spiders, they’re not part of this week’s display. “We’re bringing in different bugs every week,” says Meyers. “This week’s special is stick bugs.”

Olivia Chevrier, left and Maria Frederick with a Giant Spiny Stick insect, native to New Guinea.
“We definitely want customers to interact with the bugs as much as possible. Some people are fine with the bugs behind the glass. Some are more than willing to overcome their fears and hold one.”

Brittney Wabigwan, with Entomica’s Chris Meyers, showed no fear as she welcomed a large Atlas beetle to the palm of her hand, Friday afternoon.

Meyers says the mall display promotes the insectarium and provides public education about their exotic insects.

The Stick Bugs will be sticking around the Mall until Sunday. After that, Meyers will introduce a new set of specimens to display for another full week. Entomica’s mall displays will continue until late December.

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