Electric vehicles less reliable than gas powered cars

Electric car charging station. Hybrid car Electric charger station in the Car Park.

Consumer Reports has released a new survey showing that electric vehicle (EV) owners experience 79 percent more issues with their EVs in the past year than gas-powered car owners. Consumer Reports conducts an annual survey of hundreds of thousands of members, asking simple but important questions such as, “What problems have you had with your vehicle in the past year?”

Hybrid vehicle owners reported 26 percent fewer issues with their vehicles than gas-only car owners in the past year, according to the survey.

The most reliable vehicle types are:

Sedans, Hatchbacks and Wagons.

The Lexus and Toyota brand took the top spot for brand reliability.

Rivian, Mercedes-Benz and Chrysler were the lowest-ranking auto brands.

EV trucks were the least reliable vehicle on the list.

Electric vehicles have been outgrowing gas-powered vehicles for years.

The top-ranking auto brands are: Mini, Acura,Honda,Subaru and Chevy.


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