Early Morning Heavy Police Presence on Upton Road

There were a multitude of police vehicles on Upton Road and Wellington Street East early Tuesday morning. Police closed Upton Road and Wellington Street, re-routing traffic.

The ordeal lasted well over an hour as Sault Ste. Marie police negotiated with someone in the 100 block of Upton Road. A person seemed to exited the house.

EMS were also called to the scene.

FirstLocalNews.com has reached out to Police Services for more detail. We will try to update the story with more information if it becomes available.

One thought on “Early Morning Heavy Police Presence on Upton Road

  1. An everyday occurrence these days. All of the money that they are frivolously blowing on the downtown area instead should go to hire several new cops to get a handle on the ongoing crime spree and drug problems. Any plans for the downtown area first depend on it being safe to inhabit, right now it is a scary place with scary people wandering all over, and getting worse by the day.

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