Driver Doesn’t Stop at Four-Way , Charged With Impaired

drink driving

On February 10, 2024, officers with Patrol Services charged 36-year-old Jordie Belleau with operation while impaired.

Around 4:20 a.m., officers patrolling the area of Bennett Boulevard and Boundary Road saw a vehicle drive through a four-way stop without stopping and proceed to swerve into the oncoming lane twice. Officers conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle.

Upon speaking with the driver, officers developed grounds to believe their ability to operate a motor vehicle was impaired by alcohol. The accused provided multiple breath samples into an approved screening device and all registered as being above the legal limit. They were arrested.

The accused is charged with:

  • Operation While Impaired – Drug and/or Alcohol
  • Operation While Impaired – Blood Alcohol Concentration (80+)

The accused was released on an appearance notice and is scheduled to appear in court on March 11, 2024.

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