Disney+ following Netflix with password sharing


Disney has announced that it will crack down on sharing passwords in Canada starting November 1st, 2023. That means people who don’t belong to the same household won’t be able to use the same account. The platform revealed its plans to Canadian subscribers in an email sent out this week, along with its plans to launch an ad-supported subscription this fall.

Disney’s changes to the terms and conditions for its subscription will include the following: · Unless your Service Tier allows sharing, you will not be able to use your subscription outside your household. “Household” refers to the “collection” of devices that are connected to your primary residence and used by the people who live there.” Additional usage rules for some Service Tiers may apply.”

Disney+ is the latest platform to address password sharing, following Netflix’s announcement earlier this year. Like Netflix, Disney+ offers a tiered subscription with ads, but unlike Netflix, it does not allow users to share their passwords with anyone outside their household. Like Netflix, Disney+ may also have plans to address password sharing. According to its new agreement, Disney+ will have different service tiers, but it has not specified what those tiers will look like. Most Canadians will see the updates on their next bill on or after November 1.


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