Diana Had Her Big Wish Come True!

(Left to right) Group Health Centre President & CEO, Lil Silvano, $70,000 Big Wish
winner, Diana Opryszczko, with volunteer who sold winning ticket at Rome’s YIG, Sierra Grandinetti.

On Thursday, Feb. 1, 2024, Diana Opryszczko of Sault Ste. Marie won this year’s Group Health Centre (GHC) Trust Fund Big Wish Lottery grand prize of $70,000 cash. When the Trust Fund called to let her know she had the winning ticket number 2383837001, she didn’t recognize the number. When the same number called again, she decided it was probably important, and she was right. It was a call everyone who purchased a Big Wish ticket was hoping to get.

“I just can’t believe it. I called my son and said, ‘There’s just no way,’” said Opryszczko while on the phone with the Trust Fund. “I went and checked my ticket since I purchased it in-person from a young lady at Rome’s and noticed that I purchased it on my wedding anniversary.”

The win came as a shock to Opryszczko, and she is s=ll figuring out how to spend her winnings. She expressed that this is her first time winning something and that she only wants to support and help others around her.

“I don’t know quite yet what I will do with the money – maybe a family trip. But all I really want is to help others. That’s why I’m so excited – I just want to bring joy to other people,” she said.

(Left to right) Marisa DeRubeis of Group Health Centre & Merrett’s I.D.A., Big Wish
Grand Prize 2 winner, Caroline Dukes, and Trust Fund Manager, Tricia Lesnick.

Opryszczko wasn’t the only lucky winner of this year’s Big Wish Lottery. Caroline Dukes of Sault Ste. Marie (Ticket No. 99008651003) took home the second grand prize of $5,000 in gift cards, choosing gift cards for Lyons Timber Mart and Rome’s YIG in adding on to $5,000 in cash. While Theresa Muto of Sault Ste. Marie (Ticket No. 1679843001) took home the third grand prize of a trip for two to Toronto to watch an NHL game.

“I’m so excited for all of our winners,” said Lil Silvano, GHC’s President & CEO. “It’s so touching to hear that Diana purchased her ticket on her anniversary without even realizing it, and she won.”

One thought on “Diana Had Her Big Wish Come True!

  1. Sure beats getting a letter advising you that you have been axed from your long time health care provider.
    I hope the winners were actually in need of the money as a lot of the people that buy multiple tickets for the GHC, ARCH draws, etc. on a regular basis and win are already millionaires that do not need the money.
    This happens far too often and it takes this money away from people that desperately need it. These people shouldn’t even buy these local tickets, if they want to buy tickets they should shop at the OLG.

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