Dan competes to be a Superfan – officially!

More than 30 years ago, Dan Jones, found the connection that would support him through many difficulties in his life — that support was the music of the dynamic Shania Twain.

Growing up on an Indigenous reserve as a gay man, he faced many self-described ups and downs and attributes his much of his success to her positive messaging and uplifting beats.

More recently — as in roughly 16 months ago, Jones came across a casting call for a new competition-based show on CBS called “Superfan“. In this particular casting opportunity they were seeking, specifically, Shania Twain fans to challenge each other to ultimately be declared as the biggest fan.

The casting process lasted for months however Dan persevered and finally he, one day, received a message that opened with “Congratulation! You’re coming to LA!”

Now, having already filmed the show, Dan spoke to First Local News to describe the experience, what Twain’s music has meant to him personally, and to tease as to what can be expected when his episode airs this Wednesday, August 16th at 9 p.m.

Dan Jones is particularly proud to note that amongst thousands of Shania fans, he was one of 8 selected to be included in this experience, also the only Canadian/Indigenous #Ojibway to compete. There are many ways you can view Superfan to see who ultimately claims the title of Superfan.

Be sure to check it out on @CBStv , @globaltv or streaming on @paramountplus on Wednesday, August 16th at 9:00 pm EST.


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