Conservatives unanimously support national carbon tax pause

justin pierre

The federal Conservatives have promised to quickly pass legislation that would extend the carbon tax break to homeowners who use natural gas for heating their homes, echoing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decision last week for those relying on oil for home heating. Trudeau announced Thursday that the federal surcharge on home heating oil would be suspended for three years. Statistically, oil is used in about third of Atlantic Canada homes, however the rest of the country sees homes heated using natural gas. In Quebec, the most common energy source for home heat is hydroelectricity.

Premiers Doug Ford, Scott Moe and Danielle Smith said Thursday that the “carbon tax pause” should be extended to homes in their provinces that utilizing natural gas. In British Columbia, where the fuel surcharge has been replaced by a carbon tax, Premier David Eby’s cabinet members said they were “surprised” by Trudeau’s announcement.

Pierre Poilievre, the federal Conservative leader, is urging the Liberal government Monday to scrap the federal surcharge on all home heating.

“The Conservatives are offering our full support to the government’s emergency bill to repeal the carbon tax before the winter heating bills hit next month,”


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