Conservative MP Andrew Scheer wants to axe the tax

Scheer, MP for Regina – Qu’Appelle, spoke to a gathering of local PC supporters outside the Queen Street offices of Sault MP Terry Sheehan. He talked of his party’s plans to ‘axe the tax,” saying the carbon tax has failed. He was also critical of the government’s application of the tax across the entire country, stating its negative impact is far greater in rural areas.

With the carbon tax set to increase April 1, Scheer told the gathering Canadians are hurting and cannot afford it. He called the tax “a massive problem” for Canada’s economy.

Conservative MP Andrew Scheer was in Sault Ste. Marie Thursday to speak out against the Trudeau government’s carbon tax. 

“It is absolutely taking a big bite, not just out of our economy as a whole, but of individual Canadians’ pocketbooks,” Scheer told reporters. “The Bank of Canada governor testified that it’s a big culprit in inflation, a big cause of higher prices. We know that when you tax the farmer that grows the food, tax the trucker that ships the food and tax the grocer who sells the food, all of those price increases get passed on to the consumer.”

The carbon tax was introduced in 2019. It began at $20 per tonne and has climbed incrementally to its current rate of $65 per tonne. Despite objections from several Premiers, it will increase by $15 to $80 per tonne, April 1.

Scheer says a PC government would scrap the tax altogether and increase Canada’s export of Liquified Natural Gas. He says this would help the world “get off of coal”and bring jobs and investment to the country.

The carbon tax is falling short of its goals to reduce carbon emissions, said Scheer.

A recent report by the commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development says Ottawa’s 2022 Emissions Reduction Plan, which called for reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 40 per cent less than 2005 levels, will fall short of those goals.

The report also stated Canada was the only G7 nation that has failed to achieve a reduction in emissions since 1990.

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  1. Crooked Trudeau definitely belongs in prison for pilfering hundreds of millions in tax dollars and lining the palms of many buddies with undeserved millions of taxpayer dollars.
    Election time will come and the Fiberals will be flushed down the turd chute into the big cesspool, right where they belong.

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