Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Makes Sault Stop On Thursday

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre will make a Sault Ste. Marie stop with his “Axe the Tax” Tour this Thursday, July 27th.

Poilievre will hold the rally at the Machine Shop at 12 noon .

Poilievre, who is opposed to Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax plans on holding rallies all over the country to denounce the Liberal’s carbon tax, a measure to combat climate change. Trudeau’s latest tax increase for Canadians came into effect on July 1st.

“Think of our seniors, choosing between eating and heating,” Poilievre said in opposition to the tax. “Or small businesses, who don’t get any rebate whatsoever.” Poilievre has repeated that message to crowds at the rallies all Summer during his campaign to unseat Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in the next Federal election in 2025.


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5 thoughts on “Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Makes Sault Stop On Thursday

  1. It’s about time we get to listen to what a real leader sounds like unlike our current ds… or Sheehan

    1. imagine calling out “mouthbreathers” while getting on your computer each day to devotedly defend the current state of affairs, smh

    2. Well spoken individual knows how to run a country!! Knows what monetary policy and budgets are! .. at least we don’t have to listen to ummm huh mm ten times in one sentence when he speaks

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