City Beautification Won’t Bloom This Year

City Beautification Won't Bloom This Year

The annual awards handed out to the most beautiful lawns and gardens has been grounded for this year.

The City of Sault Ste. Marie made the announcement Tuesday in a press release.

“Members of the city beautification organizing committee would like to inform residents that the 2023 City Beautification Awards will not take place this year. The committee is in need of a new lead coordinator for the program and will not return until such time.” the release stated.

But if you have a green thumb and are a dedicated gardener, the City wants to talk to you. They are looking for a person with a passion for creating beautiful landscapes. The lead coordinator is a volunteer position and offers a unique opportunity to contribute your expertise and vision. A time commitment of 40 – 60 hours over a span of 4 months is required.

Interested candidates are encouraged to contact Richard Walker, past City Beautification Coordinator at [email protected].

The City Beautification committee remains committed to its vision of creating a more beautiful and vibrant city for all and eagerly anticipates the future success of its initiatives.

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