Celebrating Matthew Girardi’s Contributions on World Down Syndrome Day- March 21, 2024 

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, we’re shining a spotlight on 19-year-old Matthew Girardi, whose vibrant presence at the local Tim Hortons has been a source of joy for both customers and staff alike. Despite having Down syndrome, Matthew’s can-do attitude perfectly embodies this year’s theme: “Assume that I can do, maybe I will.”

Matthew’s responsibilities at Tim Hortons go beyond the counter; he’s an integral part of the team, unloading trucks, keeping the café spotless, and yes—enjoying the great food, too!

But Matthew’s impact extends into the community, where he assists coaches at the SSM Gymnastics Club, helping to guide and inspire younger children. His dedication to supporting the next generation is just another example of his commitment to making a difference.

To celebrate Matthew’s contributions and the spirit of inclusivity, join us for the Domino’s Pizza “Dough Fundraising Special”. Call your local Domino’s in Sault Ste. Marie East End – 705-759-9998 

or West End 705-254-1234 and use promo code DR to support this wonderful cause.

Matthew Girardi is a testament to the incredible things that can happen when we believe in each other’s abilities. Let’s all assume that we can do, and maybe, just like Matthew, we will.

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