Capital Projects Approved at Algoma District School Board Meeting for $65 million


At the Tuesday, November 28th Regular Board Meeting, the Algoma District School Board (ADSB) approved proceeding with the 2023-2024 Capital Projects, as identified at the meeting.

Senior Administration staff reviews and participates in project tendering and contract approval with Plant Department staff. The Operations & Budget Committee met on November 15 th with Administration staff to review and approve projects for Board consideration. The committee is made up of: Trustee Greg Bowman – Chair of the Committee, ADSB Vice Chair Elaine Johnston and ADSB Trustee Susan Myers. Ex-
officio members of the committee are Chair of the Board, Jennifer Sarlo and Director of Education Lucia Reece.

Currently, total projects for potential award to contractors in 2023-24 amount to approximately $15 million. As well, ADSB is thankful to receive a separate Capital Priority approval from the Ministry of Education of approximately $50.5 million to build a new JK to 12 school in Blind River. In total, approximately $65 million has been approved for construction projects starting in 2023-24.

Deferred Capital funding will be used to top up 2023-24 projects exceeding funding. The Ministry of Education provides annual Facility Renewal Project (FRP) funding based on enrolment to School Boards. Plant Department has reviewed outstanding needs and have recommended FRP projects in line with funding. Funding for Facility Renewal is $3,242,978 in 2023-24.

The Ministry has continued to provide Boards with School Condition Improvement funding to address added school renewal needs. This funding has been allocated primarily based on each Board’s number of schools and the school facilities inventory.

Plant Department has reviewed outstanding needs and have recommended projects. Funding for School Condition Improvement Projects is $11,994,493. The Board will be moving ahead to begin and/or complete the capital projects at the following schools and sites, as approved at Tuesday’s meeting:

ELSS Courtyard, stair and handrail

Isabel Fletcher Interior upgrades

Central Ave Boiler pumps

Hornepayne JK-12 Lighting upgrade

Kina Awiya Boiler controls

Korah West entrance upgrades

River View Interior upgrades

White Pines Tech upgrades

Tarentorus Elementary and Child Care additions &

HM Robbins Child Care addition and KG upgrades

Total $15,237,471

Blind River JK-12 ADSB JK-12, CSPGN Child Care EarlyON $50,521,761

Total Budget $65,759,232

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