Canadian Army Training this Weekend

Armed members of the Canadian Army will conduct training from October 22-23, 2023, in Sault Ste Marie.

The 49th (Sault Ste Marie) Field Regiment, RCA will deploy within the City of Sault Ste Marie in preparation for live-fire training to be conducted later in the fall.

No ammunition of any kind will be present. Members of the public may see Canadian Army members in uniform with unloaded weapons and military vehicles towing the unit’s C3 105 mm Howitzers (artillery cannons) on local roads and highways.

This training is practice for later activities at Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) bases and ranges, and allows the unit and personnel to confirm their skills locally, before firing live ammunition at approved training facilities.

This important exercise supports year-round readiness training and keeps local Army Reserve members ready to support CAF missions around the world.

All Canadian Army Reserve vehicle operators train regularly and maintain specialized qualifications and proficiency in order to maintain and further develop their skills in safe and effective convoy and vehicle operations, and to test discipline, safety, and effectiveness while operating military vehicles. All measures are being taken to ensure minimum inconvenience in these areas during the exercise dates, and members of the public are asked to take extra caution when approaching military vehicles and are thanked in advance for their understanding and co-operation

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